A Complete Description about 206 Area Code in Seattle, Washington

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A Telephone Numbering Plan is a particular numbering system used to give the specific numbers to the telephone of the subscriber. The location plays a vital role in assigning subscribers’ numbers, and these numbers are further divided into small area codes. The 206 area code is one of these area codes that is used in Seattle (a major city in Washington). If you are interested and want to know in detail about this area code, keep reading this whole article thoroughly.

Let’s briefly talk about the various aspects of area code 206 in Seattle, Washington!

What is an Area code?

The NANP (North American Numbering Plan) is the unique numbering process that is related to the telephone. In this telephone numbering system, the public switched telephone network (it is a mixture of the different other telephone networks that are used in other parts of the world like switching centers, telephone lines, and fiber optic cables) is controlled in the United States and other countries by NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administrator ). This NANP is further divided into small areas of 3 digit code known as area codes.

What is the 206 Area Code in Seattle, Washington?

Area Code 206 is the particular and unique telephone area code used in Seattle, a major city of Washington.

Features of Area Code 206 (Washington)

It has the following features:

  • It provides you with a global connection through which you can get complete information about the exact time for making a call to your international clients.
  • It has the greater power to convey your calling commitments regularly.
  • It also provides you with the facility of conference calls.

In which Time Zone Area Code 206 is Located?

In America/Los Angeles or the pacific time zone, area code 206 is located, and the present time is 6:09 pm (post meridian).

Is Area Code 206 Help Your Business to Grow?

The 206 area code phone numbers always inform the clients that you are local in the particular region. Without the actual physical movement to the city, you can remain in contact with locals with the help of these local phone numbers. You can get the particular numbers for your business without telling about its location, and these numbers help you get easy access to the successful market. So, this area code helps your business in different ways.

Virtual Area Code 206 Phone Numbers

Virtual area code 206 phone number is similar to another phone number through which you can make a voicemail and receive phone calls. The personal phone number permits you to have a customized business phone number on the same phone. It does not matter your location in the country; you can get virtual area code 206 phone numbers very easily. You can use this virtual phone number without any type of hardware.


This article has briefly explained the various aspects of the 206 area code, and hopefully, you will understand it in a better way. The area code 206 is very beneficial in different ways; it records every call on any number very easily, and by email in your email inbox, it also receives voicemails.

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