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Occurring mistakes and errors aren’t a big deal now. It’s normal if these things happen. The problem starts when despite trying to fix those issues, they are not resolved. Here, you will learn different ways. Sometimes you ask for help from the support system. One of the common errors to face while the opening is if you can’t assess your outlook email account, then there are high chances of you being caught in the error known as [pii_email_ 57a4a2f20ec6813a8481] error. It’s one of the most common errors you may face. 

How You Can Define This Error

First you need to get proper understanding about [pii_email_57a4a2f20ec6813a8481] error. This error doesn’t have any specific form of occurring. The only similar thing is after occurring this error; you lost your access to the outlook account. And you can’t use your email account. The error shows in the form of a popup window. This window points out some action to take if you need your access back to your account. This error stops your process of sending and receiving emails via your account of outlook.

The Reasons due to Which This Error Occurs

After understanding the error, you may want to get to know that why this happens:

  • The most common reason is the installation process that got affected, and this error occurs. It means that you didn’t properly install Microsoft Outlook.
  • If you didn’t install the latest version of outlook and aren’t using the updated one, you will still face the error. Updates are important to run apps successfully. Irrelevant settings of outdated versions hurdle the way of smooth running.
  • The outlook may be affected due to other accounts of email or software that you have installed on your desktop. This thing creates disturbances in the settings of these accounts.
  • Copied versions also create such disturbances and errors. So, if a pirated version is being used for Microsoft apps, your chances of facing this error will become high.
  • The other reason can be that you have multiple apps to use email accounts. If you have other apps and outlook to access your email accounts, you will face this error. Different apps have different setups due to which conflicts occur.

The Ways of Fixing the Error

There is no need to worry about this error. Here, you will discover the methods you can adopt to make this error doesn’t happen:

  • The first thing is clearing the files of cache and cookies. Do this on your browser. You will keep the relevant and clean data in this way. Don’t forget to log in again after clearing.  
  • Using a single email account does the trick. Multiple accounts of emails are creating issues. So, log out of other email accounts on Outlook and log in to one account. After resolving the error, you can then log in to use other ones. 
  • Use web-based versions to log in to your accounts. This temporary solution will help mitigate the error
  • You always have the option of communicating with the support system. Do this by searching on Google the “Microsoft Support,” and you will come up with the instructions to follow.


In this article, you learned about [pii_email_57a4a2f20ec6813a8481]. Why this happens and how you can solve it. 

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