All You Want to Know About World Class Poker Player – Phil Ivey

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In this world, people are working pretty hard to meet both hands. Some people are fortunate enough to bring out the best of their abilities and earn a good living. Others are toiling their luck here and there. Certain things appear to us as a thing to do in our leisure time but, most people have succeeded in making a career out of it. The same goes with one of the most notorious games of all time – poker or card game. Many years back, people haven’t even thought that one could make a living out of it, but in the current scenario, many people are making money and doing it as their 9 to 5 job. One such name is Phil Ivey. 

The article sheds light upon all the important aspects of his life, including his career, income, and how he came into this field. Go ahead if you are fascinated by this professional poker player!

Who is Phil Ivey?

Phil Ivey is an American who has secured the highest place in the history of this game. He has one World Poker Tour title and ten World Time Poker bracelets added to his credentials. He is regarded as ‘Tiger Woods of Poker’ by his contemporaries. 

Birth and Childhood Education

The 44 years old professional poker player was born in California. At the age of three, he moved with his family to New Jersey. From New Jersey, he got his graduation degree. 

How He Started His Journey?

He was always fascinated by this game. When he reached his teenage, he made a fake ID card to practice poker with his pals. From there, he got his nickname, ‘No Home Jerome.’ After he won several titles, he was called ‘The Phenom.’

His Position in ‘All In Magazine’

One of the leading magazines, ‘All In Magazine,’ declared him as Poker player of the year two times. For the first time, he won the title in 2005 and the second time in 2009. These titles and unprecedented support from people mounted his confidence level to another level. 

Net Worth of Phil Ivey

Wikipedia and some other well-known websites have reported that the net worth of Phil Ivey is about 100 million US dollars. The net worth of Phil Ivey does fluctuate depending upon the number of games and tournaments he is attending in a year. 

Love Life of Phil Ivey

Reports have documented that he did marry a woman he loved in the year 2002. A few months after getting married, things started to get ugly. The couple tried to get along, but compatibility issues led to divorce in the year 2009. His wife, Luciaetta Ivey, changed her name to Luciaetta Robert after their divorce. His wife did not come to the limelight after their divorce. 


He is the living example of the statement practice makes a man perfect. He worked hard and consistently tried to acquire the skill. The poker game is all about skill. One can work hard and make his dream job become a source of living for him and wish him luck in his future!

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