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Are You Aware that Morclothes is Scam or Legit?

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Due to these pandemic days of COVID-19, most people favor online shopping instead of going to the market. All necessary things and services are available in online stores. But some online stores are scams, such as Morclothes which is an online shopping store. This store sells dresses and does not happen to be a genuine store. This store attracts people to buy online clothes and traps them.

If you want to know more information about this online store, read this article until the end!

Reasons for Scam

Following are the reasons why this online shopping store is a scam:

  • This store doesn’t give the proper address of the company on the website and any personal information.
  • It offers no availability with 24 hours service.
  • It only accepts PayPal amounts, and most people don’t know about PayPal. So they get scammed easily.
  • This company doesn’t display the best products and presentation is also not good here.
  • The other companies give fixed discounts on their products, but they give huge discounts to make people foolish and scammed.
  • This store gives free online delivery all over the world. That is the red flag by their side.
  • This store delivers the cheap products to the customers with low quality and wrong things which we don’t even order. You don’t get what you order, actually both in quality and look.
  • Before online shopping, always check the brand reviews to make the right decision.
  • Order from this store is only a wastage of time and money with the miss use of your personal information many times.

Customer Reviews

According to customers, this store is messy and suspicious and not trustworthy. Many people try to get money back but have no chance because this is fraud. It is flawed, not established professionally and, has no sense to show their products. People order things, finalize the deal, and send money, but they don’t receive the parcel after order, or if they receive, they don’t get what they order. If you search for the address of it, Google map shows no results. You will get no one there as the company in charge.

Think carefully once that what will be the level and surety of the company for which no manager is assigned. The reason behind it is this; some scammers never share their name and any relevant information. It gives unique offers and a large number of discounts that waste the money of people. Don’t trust these offers and never share any personal information and credit card details.

If you want to shop online, then always remember that never put any information about you. Look at the design and speed of the website and check the social profile on the site. Check the proper address on Google and before purchasing any item, always consider the reviews. The store which provides free email avoids these types of online stores. If you are confused, then go to the cash on delivery option on its site. These important things keep you safe from scamming and will save you money.


Many online stores are giving you offers such as seasonal offers in clothing. But don’t believe the online stores with 50% to 90% off as Morclothes. Think once and use your common sense that the high-quality products and their relevant company afford this percentage off as discounts? The answer is no in each aspect!

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