Complete Biography of Amy Locane-Bovenizer 

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Complete Biography of Amy Locane-Bovenizer  Amy Locane Bovenizer is a famous film and television actress in America. She has excellent experience in the American film industry and has made her career after facing many difficulties. Are you interested to know much more about the life of Amy Locane Bovenizer? And if you want to learn fascinating facts about her life, you must keep reading this entire article.

Let’s talk about various exciting arm astonishing facts about the life of Amy Locane Bovenizer!

Early Life of Amy Locane Bovenizer

Amy Locane Bovenizer was born in Trenton that is situated in New Jersey, on nineteen December 1971. Amy has worked for many years in the American industry, and she has given thirty-six years of her life to the American film and television industry. She is also famous and well known among the people due to her role in the musical comedy Cry-Baby in 1990.

Parents and Siblings of Amy Locane

Her mother name was Helen Locane, and her father name was Richard Locane. She is the most beloved daughter of this beautiful couple. Her parents loved her a lot due to the reason that she was their first child. Details of the siblings of Amy Locane is not given because her parents were working in theatre, and they spent their whole life in the theatre. They also owned a lighting house. And the childhood of Amy Locane was also finished in the theatre, and due to this, she has chosen acting as her profession.

Height, Age and Weight of Amy Locane

The weight of Amy Locane is estimated as sixty-one Kilogram in pounds and 134.48 lbs. Equally important, she is tall, and her height is five feet and six inches. In 2020, she was forty-eight years old.

The Career of Amy Locane

She has started her acting career in childhood, and at the age of twelve, she worked in more than sixty commercials. She had got her first role as Andrea Winger in the television series in 1984. In 1989 she made her bug screen debut in the “Lost Angles” film. After this, she had offered in so many movies and television shows, and she worked in all of them. Recently, in 2020 she has made his appearance in the short film “Cooties”.

Amy Locane-Bovenizer Networth and Salary

Amy Locane-Bovenizer net worth is approximately between one million dollars and five million dollars. Her source of income is acting, and her salary is under review.

Personal Life and Husband

Amy Locane is married, but now she has divorced status. In 2008 she was married to the firefighter Mark Bovenizer. Both of them was engaged for two years before getting married. In 2007, they gave birth to their first daughter child, and after one year of their marriage, they gave birth to their second daughter. After this, Amy killed a woman in a car accident, and she was sent to prison. On twelve June 2015, when she was released, her husband, Mark, divorced her and took custody of their two children.


Amy Locane- Bovenizer is a famous American film actor, and she has worked in so many televisions shows and films. Her fans gave her a lot of admiration and respect. This article has explained so many fascinating facts about her life, and hopefully, you will understand.

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