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Solving mysteries is an interesting thing. Many mystery sites have come into the market. Lootie is one of those outstanding sites. If you like winning gifts, then this site is for you. The site offers genuine things and is from the world’s recognized brands. If you are interested in knowing further about What is Lootie, then this article is for you!

An Overview of What Happens on Lootie

If you are curious to know about Lootie and how this site works, you need to start. Everything regarding Lootie will be revealed here. How does unpacking of the things on Lootie occur? Other information to know can be the crates, the installment choices, and the measure for transportation. You will also get the list of rewards that you can take, and the codes of promotion help you unbox productively.

Discuss first things here. Lootie is a webpage online, i.e., It’s a game that will let you avail yourself of the opportunity of winning amazing prizes. The prizes are something valuable from top brands. 

There are tips in the secret boxes about brands of Gucci, Apple, Supreme, Nike, etc. Not only this, but you can sell there the things not desirable for you. 

For dealing in currencies, the site uses critical charge cards. Also, the Mastercard and digital currencies, including Litecoin and Bitcoin, can be utilized there. You can even win a commission by referring and mentioning your partner. 

There is a way of making a secret box of yours there. Those mystery boxes work like a custom there so that you can avail themselves whenever and according to your choice. The interesting thing about it is the commission of 3% that you will receive every time your secret box is attempted to open by someone. 

What You Get When You Unbox?

When you first unbox your secret box, it’s something exciting. You will find that the prize you get is yet to be decided by a spinner that works on an arbitrary basis. In the case of winning, all the prizes that you get will appear as your stock. There is a limit of up to three in one round to open the secret boxes. The things you own can be sent to your home at your request. 

Selling of Items

There is another opportunity of selling the things from your gift that you don’t like. It is an extraordinary offer which you will not get anywhere else. One point to consider is that you must have some expense amount in your record to further play the game by opening other secret boxes. 


Honest reviews of any site are important. This article discussed a site where clients have the opportunity to play and win awesome prizes after paying a certain price. The name of secret boxes excites everyone. If you want to try the site and are willing to get gifts, go to, check your luck, and have fun. The game’s popularity is more in the local area that is the US. You get a valuable product from the brands you must hear of directly to your doorstep!

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