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Do you want to know about Jotaro’s hat? He trims his hair on the back of his hat, cuts off his organic hat; if it falls, it grows again. Jotaro Kujo is JoJo’s weird adventure, the hero of Section 3 of the Stardust Crusaders and the third JoJo in the sequence. 

If you are searching to get more details about his hat, read this article till the end!


Jotaro is a half-Japanese criminal and will continue to lead a normal life until Jostar, the tribal opponent of the DIO, returns. While his mother Holy falls ill due to the effects of DIO, Jutaro travels halfway through the land with his grandfather Joseph Joster and a group of friends to rescue Holy and drive the vampire away for the last time.

Jotaro is a standalone handler and claims incredible Star Platinum. He is the most popular character in the sequence and the father of Stone Ocean hero Jolyne Cujo. 

Jotaro and His Appearance

The Jotaro is designed to be a tall, 195cm (6 ft 5 inches), attractive and solid young man. He has faded hair that matches his hat, a thick, never-ending shiny forehead, and green eyes, enhancing his personality. Because of this, he bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather Joseph Joster and his old successor, Jonathan Joster.

Stardust Crusaders

The famous Jotaro hat has been upgraded with a gold catch at the focal point of the temple and a rectangular plaque on the left. The hat is torn and looks like it was tied to a Jotaromaker’s hair. The hat and hair were separated for the starting position, the line between the two clouds moving as the sequence moved forward. 

Diamond is Unbreakable

During the Diamond Unbreakable, the Jutaro changes its position several times; these outfits have a hat and a white coat with wide jeans. The first pair consists of a coat with a white ruffled collar; the sleeves are illuminated with three-sided clearing stone like its belt. He wears his second pair during the turn, and the chase continues!

He examines his high school uniform, a coat with an elastic neck, a straight shirt, and a jacket is embellished with a plaque in which two dolphins look like a heart, just like the cedar tree on the left looks like a square. His last outfit is a coat with a sleeveless, loose-fitting sweatshirt with a cross and a deep turtleneck sweater that looks like a central point. 

Jotaro’s Hat

He wears a tank top with a skewer on his chest, and his hat is illuminated with a metal “J” with a picture of the palm close to the heart-shaped spine. His hat is adorned with pins that look like pictures of Venus with sharp stones and still a plate of palms. According to the hat, Araki says he will feel the Jotaro from behind as much as from the front.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have understood about Jotaro’s hat. Many people would like to wear such a hat to look like him. People like him because he is probably the most intelligent man on the list with a doctorate in marine biology, but beyond that, he is a man of great intellect!

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