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Do you want to know about Osrs Stash Unit? The word stash unit is used here to store things called Hidey holes, which store units for Emote Clue items, saving bank space and bank trips for players who most do treasure trails. Free to play, and players cannot be added or removed from any stash unit.

If you are searching to get more details about it, give it a complete read to understand better!


Some of these suggestions are a blind spot for many players, especially those who don’t look for settings or talk to NPCs often. Following are the qualities of life tips to make your Osrs experience easier, gold farming and costing:

#1. House Parties

Most ordinary in the world 30, these are more and more houses with different features – one of which is the mausoleum that enhances the benefits of XP as long as the brazier is lit. Then there are portals of different basements or areas and lectures for Magic XP or profit. If you have a friend to host a house party, this is good for you! Otherwise, you must find someone for friendship. Until the landlord is logged in, you can use the house, so it is best to know someone to host them.

#2. Shift+Click Dropping 

This is a setting for anyone who wants to improve their skills or hunt for specific items. You have to click “Drop Item” on the menu when you hover or click an item by default. If you are going to give up many things, it will take some time to do so. Turn on this setting from the options menu; you can shift and left-click on what you want to leave. This is the fastest and easiest way to clean up your junk inventory!

#3. Keybind Function Keys

Set F1-F12 function keys in your tabs to open it easily, set you’re most open tabs to F1-F12, for example, your skills and inventory. You don’t have to click on the tabs one by one in that way; press the button, and voila!

#4. Bank Pin Settings

Many players will not check their PIN entry every time they sign in. However, they are hacked, it puts them at risk, and it’s still a bit of a security thing to worry about. You can always choose not to ask for annoyance when logged out only for five minutes. This is useful when you have rested to go to the stain and find yourself logged out. If the timing is correct, you should not re-enter your PIN. read more

#5. Smashing Vials

After finishing Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl quest, you can talk to the monsters at the checkpoint to learn this skill. All it does is break the bottle after taking all the doses of the medicine. In turn, it frees up the inventory space you need while operating the basement. Once you have learned this, you do not have to leave trash or empty bottles.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have understood Osrs Stash Unit. By using these tips, I am sure you will benefit from getting XP and upgrading your skills. Keep rehearsing it and using these tips to improve your quality of life in old school Run-escape. They are small things, but they are all parts of a big thing!

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