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Do you want to know about Ray Mcelrathbey? We have always heard that rich people are poor at heart and unforgiving. But this idea is wrong because the five fingers of the hand are not equal. He is a very kind-hearted, rich, good character in terms of both heart and money. He faced many problems and difficulties in his childhood that melted him for others.

If you are searching to get more information about him, read this article till the end!

Life History

Ray Mcelrathbey was born on 26 September 1986 in the U.S. He is 35years old; his height is 5 ft and 9 inches with 86kg weight. He was American in nationality and a footballer in the profession. He was brought up in a ruined family, and his childhood was not so amazing. His parents were addicted to gambling and drugs, and he was left solo with his seven siblings. His mother has indeed been drug-free for many years, and he is trying to open a foundation together with his mother and brother.


In 2008, he completed his degree of undergraduate in three years at Clemson, which was the reason for his pride. He relieved many of the pressures of not getting the scholarship back as he had finished schooling. So, he decided to get a degree of masters at Howard University in Washington D.C. and went with his brother.


He played for the national football league from 2005 to 2007. In 2010, he ended his college football career because he had no support from his family and moved to Mars Hill College, North Carolina. His life has gone on like a movie, from the peaks of the Clemson Football Scholarship to the lack of family addiction. That’s why the former tiger is the subject of an upcoming Disney film based on his life. He played for Howard Bison for a year when he was in school for a degree in communication. He worked for a time in social services and nonprofits, including working as a Crisis Coordinator with homeless people. He currently operates a trucking company and also works on Ray’s Safety Net Foundation. read more


His father’s name is Raheem Muhammad Mcelrathbey, and his mother’s name is Tonya Mcelrathbey. His wife was born in 1993, and his age is 27 years old. Her real name is Brittany Cieara Mcelrathbey, and her nickname is Brit. She is a beautiful girl and seven years younger than her husband. Allah Almighty blessed them with three cute and wonderful children. She is caring, well-mannered, and supports her husband in all life matters.

Net Worth 

Due to his family’s circumstances, he struggled for his career. He was the guardian of his 11 years old brother at the age of 19 and worked hard to survive. But when he showed his story on big screens, he climbed the ladder of success.

As the owner of a trucking company, safety foundation, and fitness center, his income will be about $30 million in 2021. He uses Instagram, has 16.7k followers, and the name of the account is Raymcbeyl. 


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have to understand Ray Mcelrathbey. He is living in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and children. He always helps the needy and poor people without any benefit. He is also active on Twitter; his story from a struggler to a successful person inspires and motivates the youth!

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