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Get the Complete Information about Tattoo Healing Process

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The tattoo healing process is not very fast as the outer layer of skin requires 2 to 3 weeks to heal. You may slow down the aftercare when you look for the skin to heal. It is not good; you have to take care of your skin for long for its proper healing. The outer layer of skin needs less time, but the true inner healing happens within 6 months after tattoo generation on any area of skin on the body.

If you are looking for more details about the tattoo healing process and its steps, read this article till the end!

Stages of Tattoo Healing

Few stages are involved in completing the tattoo healing process, given below:

#1. Inflammation

The process of inflammation occurs from day 1 to day 3. In the first 48 to 72 hours, the appearance of the tattoo is red, tender, and swollen. During this period, there may be oozing of ink used in tattoo formation or the blood from the injured point. The tattoo heals with each passing day, or you may need the proper guidance and precautions by the physician or tattoo artist.

#2. Visible Recovery

You will see the visible recovery from day 4 to day 14. The healing process continues as the upper layer of skin flakes and peels. The body will show a similar response as the healing of sunburn skin, and it is the normal and healthy recovery of the wound. Avoid removing the peeling skin and scratching it for quick recovery.

#3. Invisible Recovery

There will be an indivisible recovery that you cannot see on the upper level of the skin. It is the inner healing of skin from day 14 to day 30. At this time, you will get the tattoo dull and dark as a symptom of recovery. After a month, the tattoo gets its vibrant color at that time.

How Long Do Tattoos Take to Heal?

The time from tattoo formation to the complete healing of skin and tattoo’s final color varies from person to person based on age and nature of skin:

  • In a young person, the tattoo takes one month to complete healing the skin and the final mark.
  • The tattoo formation at saturated color areas needs more time to heal.
  • The saturated pigments require more needle pricks to deposit the ink than the normal tattoo.
  • A longer time is required for healing for a more inflammatory response.
  • The place of the wound on the skin matters first for healing the skin, the tattoo wound below the heart gets more time to heal.
  • The tattoo on the arm needs less time, and the tattoo on the ankle requires a longer time to heal because the point of skin is the main element involved in skin healing. 


The tattoo heals step by step within days to months. The wound becomes red and swollen at the start that becomes healed with time. The oozing of the wound with blood and ink is a natural process that becomes dull and dark over time. After the fixed days, the tattoo gets its normal color. Don’t let the skin wound carefree when you get the healed wound because it takes longer to heal the inner wound. There should be recommendations given by the tattoo artist or the skin specialist as the skincare!

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