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Do you want to know about TikTok Stock Symbol? Yes, you are in the right place to get the answer to it. Tiktok is the platform of social media used by the young generation to express their talents for sharing, discovering, and creating short videos. Tiktok is a product developed by a Chinese company called Byte Dance that is still held privately. You have thought that how can you buy Tiktok stock and who owns it?

If you are searching to get more information about it, read this article till the end!

Tiktok Stock

Tiktok is a worldwide version of Douyin that was launched in the Chinese market in 2016. It was successful in 2017 and spread around the world. It belongs to Bytedance, and the shares are not yet available on the stock market. Tiktok video ranging is about 3 to 15 seconds and works as an entertainment purpose. For everyone, who has dreamed of pairing up with their loved ones around the world, your dream has come true. This app is very addictive and reflects a high level of engagement.

Price of Tiktok Stock 

Due to Covid, it seems to have caused Tiktok to explode among the users. Everyone was at home, so it became a big part of our lives. At this moment, the price of Tiktok stock is $0, at least for ordinary people. You can invest in Tiktok stock indirectly by purchasing shares in Oracle and Walmart if Tiktok Global sells the shares. The worth of Tiktok stock is about $50 billion, according to the experts.

Tiktok Stock Symbol

There is no sign and symbol of Tiktok stock, nor it is publicity traded stock for Bytedance; yet! In October 2018, it was the most downloaded and famous app in the whole world that was the first achievement for Chinese in history. Many companies of China are now trading on the US stock exchange; it is not out of the question that we may see shares of TikTok on them in the future. The current situation is disappointing for those investors who want to go to the ground floor. Tiktok is a largely successful company, and it is in a position to do incredibly good work in the stock market.


No, it is not possible to invest and purchase the Tiktok stock from the market. There are more opportunities for investors to invest in Chinese companies. Especially for new investors and young entrepreneurs, it is a tricky business and daunting task to invest in social media. For social media companies, introducing such revenue-generating schemes could be a good sign for future investors. Ultimately, it’s your choice to decide if you want to add social media stocks to your portfolio. Still, there is no harm in seeking investment advice from a reputable advisor, especially for young investors who are just jumping into the market. 


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have understood well about Tiktok Stock Symbol. It makes creative, trending, and impressive videos to please people. It is the seventh most downloading an interesting app in the whole world. Videos of Tiktok are great for sharing because they are short clips ranging from five seconds to one minute that can be sorted and cut using the app editing tools. The latest versions are frequently added for continuing your interest and joy!

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