Get to Know Everything about Simple Henna Designs

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Henna is popular with ladies, especially on some traditional days, including Eid, Diwali, and Wedding celebrations. Designers create the cone and cream of henna mehndi. There are many simple henna designs to be applied on the left hand. Mehndi designs are easy when you follow them step by step. It depends on you whether you like simple ones or extremely hot designs. There are other curves, spirals, and easy swirls except for the floral design. 

How the Images of Henna Evolved?

Henna is a type of art that has been enhanced over the years significantly. Different and distinctive designs of henna have improved to many easy and simple images. The artist is considered the best if the design they make stays for about seven days or a week. 

Many designs of mehndi are available in the form of images which can be downloaded if and when required. Women and girls who are fond of getting designs to apply on their hands avail themselves of the option of downloading. A variety of designs and styles of mehndi are there on the internet. You can search and choose the best and easy ones for your hands. The designs of mehndi for bridals are also provided according to the suitability and wishes of the customers. 

Celebrating Festivals with Henna

Different festivals and events are celebrated. The attractiveness of hands and elegance enhance when you put mehndi designs. Wedding ceremonies are no exception. You may see the tutorials to learn how to draw patterns of designs. Designs for fingers and feet are also there, and you can check them if you want to apply those. 

In wedding festivals, it’s common to put Henna on feet along with hands. Eastern countries are popular for mehndi. In the West, the trend has also shifted where the name and technique are different as designs of henna tattoo. Mostly mehndi is for hands and feet in the east. The skilled henna artists have become popular for their extraordinary designs. The latest designs are spectacular and gorgeous in their look. The designs are according to the preference of the girls of Pakistan. 

Arabic Designs of Henna

When various designs and styles are there, Arabic designs are good for beginners. The designs are more sophisticated. Different styles of covering, bolder traces, and free-flowing designs look amazing. They are simpler to follow and apply than the Indian designs of mehndi, which are more complicated. Learning to draw Arabic designs of mehndi is easy. So there will remain no complexity for beginners to learn such lovely, exciting and painless mehndi designs. 

Applying Designs of Henna

Everyone, including children, want to make their hands look adorned in festivals. As the festivals come near, the beginners may start practicing mehndi designs. You just have to follow the design from start to end. When the design patterns are completed, you have to wait for 2 hours to make them dry. Some prefer to keep overnight for color enhancement. Mehndi starts to come off when it dries off on its own. The color becomes maroonish red the next day. 


Here you got to know about henna designs that are simple to apply on hands. Girls put henna on their hands according to the festivals. 

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