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The name “Tentacle Locker” indicates a mobile game that is enjoyable and interesting to play. There are a few fake versions, but this name reflects the genuine mobile game that can be played on Android and PCs. Users download this game from the website and play on the device according to their concerns. 1.0 version is the latest one of this app that was updated three months and is now available with more amazing and updated features.

Let’s move down quickly if you want to get more information about this game! Connect Pokémon

Method to Download Game

You have to follow four basic steps while downloading this game on your device:

  • There is a website available on which you will get the download option. Tap on this option to start downloading this app on your device
  • Go to the menu and then to the settings for allowing the third-party apps to install on your device. For this purpose, tap on the security option by opening the settings and checking the unknown sources that will allow your phone to install apps other than the Google play store.
  • There will be the requirement of the game to locate you just downloaded. For your ease, you can download the file manager app on your device so that you can get the downloaded file on your mobile phone easily. You will start to install this game on your device with a single click. Read all screen prompts must and click on the “yes” button for allowing the prompts.
  • The last and final step of this whole procedure is enjoyment. You have to open it to enjoy and play it now after completing the installation of this app.

Working of This Game

It is so interesting smartphone game that allows you to enjoy it a lot. Age is the major factor that is considered first in this game. Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to play this game. There are many overt scenes. Not all are brazen in this game. The books are used in these horror movies, but watching them is more than fun. The initiation of the game is in the locker room.

Few girls pass near the lockers before going to the class that stretches them to generate the scenes. The girls and skirts are the basics of this game that work with each other and show the interaction throughout the game for developing interest. When the girls say no to wearing the rugs, they are dragged to the lockers. 

Tentacles are used to pull them to the lockers; that is why this game is famous with the name “Tentacle Locker.” Only the game is available on a few websites, and you will never get it so easily by searching on any site. It is available free of cost, and you can even download or install it on your device without paying even a single penny.


Hopefully, now you have a complete set of information about this game. The link for downloading this game is available on its official website, from where you can download it quickly on your device free of cost. The plus point of this game is that you enjoy it a lot without paying the charges. So, you have to install and play it once for enjoyment!

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