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Here Is All You Must Know About the Sudden Death of King Von

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King Von was an American-born artist who had worked in the Hollywood music industry as an established and acclaimed rapper. The article explains all the details related to the life of King Von as a successful rapper and his sudden death that broke the hearts of thousands of his proponents. Die-hard adherents of Von widely use King Von wallpapers to pay a heartfelt tribute to him. 

Stay tuned for a better understanding of his death and life! 

1. Birthplace, Year, and Date

King Von came into the world in August 1994 as Dayvon Bennett at Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was born in a household owned by Taesha and Walter Bennett. 

2. Von’s Relationship with His Siblings And Parents

King Von grew up in Chicago alongside his nine siblings. The mother looked after all of the children as the father was involved in conflicts that led him to spend years of his life behind bars. His father died in prison when he was 11 years old. The death of his father affected him deeply. He would often pay farewell to his father in his music videos. 

3. Why Was He Sent To Prison? 

Like his father, he used to get into trouble from a young age, and for that, he had been in jail for the first time when he was about 15. A few months later, he was accused of killing a man and injuring two men. He had a close relationship with the notorious gang operating in Chicago since 1956. The gang is known by the name Black Disciples. The gang rose to prominence when the members assaulted their fellow member who was just 11 years old. 

4. Who Did He Marry? 

He had an intimate relationship with the fellow rapper Asian Doll. Asian Doll was from Texas, but they frequently met during concerts and musical events. The couple had three children. It is reported that the couple was not dating when he died.  Read more about Dogs

5. How Did He Die?

Media reported that in November 2020, King Von and his friends were confronting the opponents from Quando Rondo’s team at Georgia. The conflict became worse, and gun shooting started a few hours later. King was shot brutally more than twice. In an injured and unconscious state, he was rushed to the nearby hospital, where he left the world due to excessive blood loss and breakdown of some major blood vessels. 

Two men got brutally massacred in a dispute, and six got severely injured. The interrogation officer disclosed that a 22-year-old rapper Lul Timm has been arrested and charged with the murder of King Von. King was laid to rest in Chicago in November 2020. Thousands of proponents worldwide use King Von wallpapers to express their uncountable love for the late rapper. 

Final Statement

The late rapper’s fans widely used King Von’s wallpapers to express their love for him. Von left the mortal world in November 2020. His mother looked after him along with nine siblings. His father died in incarceration when he was 11 years old. 

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