How are Prayers Important for Muslims?

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How are Prayers Important for Muslims?

Prayers provide an excellent pathway to communicate with God and share your thoughts and concerns with Him. No matter which religion you follow, you have your way by which you call Him out and tell Him whereabouts. The number, timing, and method of prayer are different from religion to religion. For example, Muslims (followers of Islam) are obligated to pray five times a day in Islam. The day of a Muslim must start with a prayer (Fajar prayer) and ends with a prayer (Esha prayer).  Read About Jumma Mubarak

The article discusses all the benefits of praying five times a day regularly. Read the article thoroughly to absorb a dose of motivation! 

1. Daily Prayers Set Our Time Tables

One of the foremost advantages of offering prayers is that the praying person becomes habitual of doing everything on time. Prayers have the strength of turning a messy and disorganized person into an organized individual. A person concerned about the next prayer will plan daily activities according to the prayer timing; thus, every task would be completed on time. Ultimately, a person would be converted from B-type to A-type.

2. Prayers Guarantee Inner Satisfaction and Contentment 

Ninety-nine percent of men and women of the existing period are worried about their physical health and physique. They are going the extra mile to maintain their physical appearance while completely overlooking spiritual and emotional health. 

Physically people are healthy, but they are hollow from the inside. Daily prayers give you inner calm and comfort. You talk to God daily, it builds a strong relationship with Him, and you are becoming emotionally and spiritually strong and robust without even knowing it. 

3. Fajar Prayers Ensure Positive Energy to Perform Daily Tasks

Waking up before the sunrise and then sitting in front of God gives the best feelings and immense comfort. Fajar prayers provide you with positive power and strength that can be manipulated during the rest of the day. 

A positive thought in the morning positively structures the whole day. People who feel left out and demotivated can inculcate the habit of praying in the morning; they will witness the result.

4. Prayers Soften Your Hearts, and You Start Loving Mankind 

Kindness, peace, and compassion for fellow beings are fundamentals of Islam. The more the person is engaged in acts of worship and seeking forgiveness, the more he is likely to become soft-hearted and soft-spoken. Since he presents and submits himself before the Creator five times a day, the feelings of sympathy and compassion for creation start to develop. 

There is no point in praying five times a day and then making the life of human fellows terrible for them. The essence of Islam revolves around creating a life of ease for fellow human beings. 

Final Statements

Starting your day with a Fajar prayer results in an optimistic approach and productivity throughout the day. A person who wholeheartedly submits himself before the Creator has natural empathy and compassion for his fellow human beings. Prayers facilitate in designing our daily tasks according to the time of prayers. Prayers reduce the level of stress and anxiety and provide you with positive energy to meet the problems of daily life. 

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