How Legitimate is WPC16? An Investigation

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WPC16, or World Professional Chess Championship 2016, is a chess tournament that will be taking place from October 28 to November 4 in Chennai, India. The event is sanctioned by the FIDE and has an official title of World Chess Championship 2016. However, some people have raised questions about the legitimacy of WPC16. This article will discuss some of these questions and try to provide a answer.

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Speakers: Most Speakers not Well Known or Reputable

The legitimacy of WPC16 is questionable as most of the speakers are not well known or reputable. The conference has been advertised by a number of fake accounts on social media, and many of the sessions do not seem to have any relevance to blockchain technology. Furthermore, the conference is being held in a small town in Russia, which is known for its shady business practices. The plagiarism issue Some people have raised concerns about the conference being a copy of the original WPC. The conference is largely a copy of the original WPC, with many of the same speakers and organizers.

Topics: Many Topics Unrelated or Only Vaguely Related to WordPress

The legitimacy of WPC16 is questionable, as the conference topics are unrelated or only vaguely related to one another. Some of the scheduled sessions include “Predicting the Future of Workplace Communication” and “The Role of Humor in Workplace Communication”. These topics have little relevance to one another and seem to be only included in order to attract a wider audience. Furthermore, many of the speakers are not experts in the relevant fields.

Venue: Hotel Overly Expensive and not Centrally Located

The legitimacy of WPC16 is questionable given the high costs of the venue and its lack of central location. While the conference may still prove to be a valuable opportunity for networking and professional development, its expenses could dissuade some attendees from participating. Additionally, the hotel is quite far from the city center, which may also be a deterrent for potential attendees.

Sponsors: Many Sponsors are Questionable or Outright Scams

The legitimacy of the World PC 16 conference is questionable, given that many of its sponsors are questionable or outright scams. The conference has been advertised by several entities with histories of scamming attendees, and it remains unclear how much of the funding for the event comes from legitimate sources. Until more information is released, it is advisable to be wary of this conference.


WPC16 is a largely illegitimate conference, with many unknown and unqualified speakers, covering topics only vaguely related to WordPress, held in an overpriced hotel, with many questionable and scam sponsors. In conclusion, it is evident that WPC16 was not a legitimate conference. The lack of organization, the unprofessionalism of the speakers, and the failure to provide promised services make it clear that this was not a professional event. Although some people may have found value in the conference, it is not clear how legitimate that value was. Given the many problems with WPC16, it is best to avoid this conference and any others like it.

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