How Many Types of Errors Are There?

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Errors are considered hurdles in the way of smooth working of anything. As a developer or programmer, you may develop several bugs to deal with. In developing any website, working on fixing errors is a common and important part. This is how by dealing with errors, you can become an expert in identifying and solving programming problems. To understand the types of errors in programming, you need to read further. 

Discuss the Types of Errors Occur in Programming

Before discussing the errors or bugs in programming, something is interesting and informative to share here. According to a well-known computer scientist, “if debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.” 

There are several types of errors found in coding or programming. The prominent among those are the seven types of errors. 

  1. Syntax Errors 

Every language has its own set of rules to follow for effective use. The case is no different with computer languages. They have special rules for their grammar. If the rules to follow are not considered, the application may stop working due to syntax errors. For example, if you are writing code and forget the parenthesis, this is a syntax error. 

  1. Logic Errors

Logical things are sometimes hard to understand. There isn’t anything wrong with coding, but the developer’s side is the fault. He couldn’t do good programming on the computer to perform the right thing. In 1999, it was the logic error due to which the spacecraft of Nasa was lost. There happened miscalculations in the units between English and American. 

  1. Compilation Errors

For making a computer understand, compilation converts the coding language of a high level into a lower level. A compiler performs this job. If it doesn’t transform the language of high level into lower-level properly, then occurs compilation errors. It becomes the reason software can’t get tested or launched. 

  1. Runtime Errors

Developers design codes according to the computers they have. But sometimes, when a code works well on one computer and doesn’t necessarily perform nicely on another computer, these errors occur. The ultimate user of the computer will be affected this way. The application doesn’t seem reliable in this case, or it breaks completely. Hence, these errors become a reason for frustration. 

  1. Arithmetic Errors

Arithmetic errors are similar to logic errors that you read about above. These errors involve some mathematics. You will get a better understanding of these errors with examples. So here is the one. If you intend to perform the equation of division and the computer has to divide the number by zero, then arithmetic errors come. The reason for this is that dividing by zero isn’t possible in terms of mathematics, so that the result will be shown in the form of an error. And it is blocking the way of the correct working of the software this way. 


In this article, you got introduced to the types of errors programmers and even end-users face. Here, five types of most frequent occur errors are discussed. 

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