How to Access the Dark Web Safely and Anonymously?

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So, you’d want to access the black web safely? 

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. There are a variety of very valid reasons why you would wish to access all of that dubious material.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to access black market in a secure and anonymous manner. When it comes to accessing the the dark web safely, there are a 5 key measures to follow.

Follow 5 Steps to Access the Dark Web Securely

1. When accessing the Dark Web, always use a VPN.

We won’t go into detail about what the dark web is or how it operates. Simply said, too many users believe that because the dark net employs onion routing technology, they are protected from the prying eyes of ISPs and governments.

That is not the case. Even if you use the Tor browser, anyone with enough time and knowledge (for example, the FBI!) can track your traffic back to you.

When accessing the dark web safely, a VPN is also recommended. It will encrypt your online traffic, keeping it safe from prying eyes even if last year’s problems occur again.

We recommend using NordVPN.

2. Go to the Tor Browser’s official website and download it.

Tor may have had security issues in the past, but it remains the most popular means to access the dark web safely today.

It should come as no surprise that there are a lot of bad actors out there because of its market-leading position and the type of the stuff you can access when utilising it. These individuals attempt to fake the app and force you to download a hacked version instead.

As a result, you should only ever download the Tor browser from the official Tor website. It can be found at The browser is available for download and usage at no cost.

You should also make sure that your dark web browser is always up to date. If you don’t, you’ll be vulnerable to security threats. If you’re looking for more information, see our list of Tor safety tips.

3. Take Precautions for Security

Hackers, cybercriminals, virus producers, and other undesirable characters frequent the dark web, which you don’t want anywhere near your computer.

Unfortunately, given the nature of the dark web, you’ll almost certainly come across them. Ideally, you should reduce the number of assault vectors they can utilise to make yourself as small a target as possible.

As a result, close all other apps on your system, disable superfluous services, and cover your webcam with a piece of paper before using the Tor browser.

4. Be sure you know where you’re going.

You won’t have the luxury of Google neatly indexing search results for you to browse when you enter the dark web. As a result, finding what you’re looking for can be difficult, and you could easily end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

As a result, before you ever launch Tor, we recommend visiting one of the many directory sites to pick which pages you wish to see.

There are many dark web site directories on the dark web itself. The Hidden Wiki is a great place to start for both new and seasoned users. By pasting the following link into the Tor browser, you can get access to it:

5. Make All of Your Transactions in Cryptocurrency

If you want to buy something from one of the many dark web markets, you should never use anything other than bitcoin. Most dealers, in fact, will not take ordinary credit card payments.

The temptation is to use Bitcoin—the it’s most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and many people believe it’s completely anonymous. In practise, however, this is not the case. Because of issues like address reuse, linked nodes, tracking cookies, and blockchain analytics, it’s incredibly easy for someone to associate your personal information with a transaction.

To anonymize your tokens, you might utilise a “Bitcoin mixer,” but they’re pricey and require you to put your confidence in an otherwise untraceable third party.

Safely Access the Dark Web!

If you carefully follow the 5 steps we’ve provided, you’ll be well on your way to access the dark web safely, securely, and anonymously. There will be dangers, but as long as you remain cautious, you should not have any problems.

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