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Legend of KuchisakeOnna | Slit-Mouthed Woman

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KuchisakeOnna was the lady who had covered his face with a mask all the time. She had caught a sharp object in her hand every time with pale skin, long and strong hair. She was a beautiful lady except for her scar. She was the vengeful spirit of a woman with a slit on her face and returned with this gesture to take revenge and description about her beauty. No one can stay alive if not explain her beauty to make her happy.

Variations of the Legend

KuchisakeOnna was a mutilated woman and adulterous wife during her life. Her husband sliced her mouth from one ear to the other as the punishment for her disloyalty. After her death, a woman came back as a vengeful ghost with a covered mouth with a mask, handkerchief, hand fan, and a sharp instrument in hand. She asks potential victims about her beauty; if someone replies ‘no,’ she kills them with sharp medical scissors. If someone says yes, she slits her mouth from ear to ear and repeats the question; if he says ‘yes’ again, she cut the corner of his mouth for his disfigurement. If someone wants to survive with her, money or hard candies and mainly her beauty description is the final option.

History of the KuchisakeOnna

KuchisakeOnna is the name of Japan’s Edo period from 17 to 19 century. Many rumors about KuchisakeOnna spread in Japan, creating hysteria among all the people, especially young children who go to school or home with their parents or teachers. KuchisakeOnna was the name that indicated the spirit or monsters at that time with black shadow. There were its effects throughout Japan, and people were afraid at that time.

KuchisakeOnna; Other Urban Legends

Legends of KuchisakeOnna are the evil figure in Japan and are considered urban legends. Its indication was the sharp object in hand with covered face and long hair. There were few other Japanese urban legends at that time; the most famous of them are enlisted below with brief descriptions and specifications:

#1. The Red Room Curse

Your screen will be red and show the victims’ names with the terrifying voice asking a question that “do you like the red room?” receivers of the pop-up always die with their blood painting and red walls.

#2. Okiku Doll

A girl was very attached to her doll. The girl passed away due to illness, and her parents cared for the doll due to the remembrance of her daughter by giving her the name “Okiku.” They noticed thathair of the doll was growing. They found that the doll was carrying their daughter’s spirit.

#3. Teke-Teke  

Teke-Teke was the ghost of a schoolgirl who died or was cut into pieces on the railway due to train incidence. Her spirit haunted the railway stations and urban areas at night. She was without legs and dragged herself by hands or elbows by producing the “TekeTeke” sound.


It is a modern story with a vague origin and is told as the truth. It has not been disproved and has strong horror effects of terrifying the generation, especially young and children. KuchisakeOnna was famous with another name, “Slit-mouthed woman.” She was well known in that era due to her specifications and jealousy to kill others or slit their mouth.

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