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Holmes was considered one of the most prolific male actors among all the other actors. He worked in adult films of the 1970s and 1980s. The total number of movies he appeared in was 2500. He got fame when he was involved in the unsolved Wonderland murders that occurred in 1981 and after he contracted AIDS. Many books were written on Holmes and a long essay and two documentaries. If you are interested in knowing John Holmes’s net worth, you should read further. 

Movies Made on Him

Two Hollywood movies were made after being inspired by him with the names “Boogie Nights” and “Wonderland”. In the movies, different characters play his life role. Val Kilmer played the role to portray the reality of John Holmes in the film “Wonderland”. 

In the other movie, “Boogie Nights”, the character insipid by Holmes was Dirk Diggler, played by Mark Wahlberg. Hall of Fame was the X-Rated Organization for Critics. Holmes was the first inductee there in 1985. When he was of 43 years, John Holmes passed away. The reason for his death was the complications developed by AIDS. He died in 1988, on 13th March. 

What was Holmes Net Worth

John Holmes acted in several adult films of America. His net worth was estimated to be $10,000. His place of birth was Ashville, Ohio. He was born in August 1944. When he was sixteen years old, he performed in U.S. Army and served there for three years. He also worked in another profession, which was a forklift driver before he entered the adult films industry. 

His Success Story

The best performing pornographic actor was Peter North. John Holmes comes after him and is considered the second-best actor in adult films. His career started when he worked in Ad films as a model. His name then wasn’t popular and hardly showcased. On brochures, he was taken with a different name. In the initial days of his career, he put a lot of struggles. 

Then he decided to play a part in the series based on pornography. He used the name Johnny Wadd there. His role was being the private investigator, and thus the series was successful. Other porn movies in which he appeared afterwards were many like Deep Throat (1972), Flesh of the Lotus, The Devil in Miss Jones (1973), and Behind the Green Door (1972). However, porn wasn’t authorized legally but became a fashion then.

John Holmes was also arrested in the controversy of pimping and pandering. They couldn’t be caught him more as the police department of Los Angeles made him their informer. For performing in a porn scene, he was offered $3000 each day in 1978. His role in movies was affected due to taking drugs. His dose of drugs was too high, which made him involved in the Wonderland murders. 

He got involved in different crimes like prostituting, selling gangs, drugs, and robbery. He released a documentary about himself in 1981 and gave that the name “Exhausted, John C. Holmes, The Real Story”. 


The actor John Holmes performed various roles in the adult industry for which he got fame. Jhon Holmes net worth was also mentioned and other relevant information about him and his career. 

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