Why 120 Days Is the Requirement by IRS for Tax Refunds?

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Getting a refund is like getting a bonus. The number of days seems longer, so conversion in months makes you relax. Usually, three weeks is the period for tax refunds to issue by IRS. But this may not be the case for every taxpayer. Some wait for months for their payments to receive. The wait can become longer if errors are found, or the claim is filed for the credit of earned income tax, or it may be the tax credit for the child. So, how many months are 120 days?

What Can You Do for Your Unprocessed Tax Refunds?

120 days or less are required for your check or refund for the federal tax to reach you if you filed just now. If you face any issue with your return that is held, then a few resolutions can help you. The three situations should be aligned with one another for your work to do: 

  • Your response is important, along with its timings and accuracy
  • How much trained the staff of IRS is and their ability to look into the problem
  • Social distancing is the requirement to be followed while your return is processed to complete 

The Reason for Backlog in IRS

The pandemic restricted the working capacity of the IRS in 2020. The limitations affected the processing ability of tax returns, and hence there is a backlog created. A combination of different events happened. The shutdown occurred. The stimulus payments with its three rounds. The challenges to face with the paper-filed returns. The tasks involve the implementation of new laws of tax and credits. These things are described following the review of the National Taxpayer Advocate as of the filing season to Congress in 2021. 

The Wait Requires for Your Tax Return

The procedure you adopted for filing your return decides the date on which you can receive your tax refund. You can look into the scenarios. If direct deposit is used to refund your amount to the bank account you have, then five additional days will be required that your account will show the money posted by your bank account. In this way, you can analyze the total time required to receive your refund.

If IRS issues your check and takes the whole days that are 21 and five days, your bank takes so 26 days is the waiting period for your tax refunds. In the case of mail, after the processing takes place, there are six to eight weeks required for the refund that you receive. 

How Can You Get Support While Waiting for Your Tax Refund?

You can check the status of your application. For this, IRS has a specific system to help and support you. Also, you can avail the services of the app. It can tell you at which stage your tax refunds have reached. If you are not getting the information properly or don’t understand, you can contact the representatives by calling on the given numbers and getting assistance. 


The wait required to get a refund is discussed along with different scenarios. You may get a better understanding of this matter now

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