Why do Muslims Say “Jumma Mubarak”?

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Different religions have different special days that they consider sacred. Friday or Jumma is one of those days for Muslims. Muslims are those who follow the religion of Islam. Some people like to wish others this day by saying, Jumma Mubarak. The response many greet back with the same words and the words “to you.” Just like when we wish any other occasion, the responder replies with “same to you.” 

The Specialty of the Day, Friday

At some places where Muslims are in the majority, Friday is considered an off day from work. However, it’s not a common practice nowadays and everywhere. Some people and workplaces either make or limit their day to half. Others may give and take a break during the Friday prayer. This prayer also has extreme importance in the Islamic religion. The name of prayer is Namaz e Jumma or Friday’s prayer. This is offered in mosques or sacred places. 

Moreover, a special speech is delivered on this day associated with the prayer. The speech is known as Khutba. It is recited by either Molvi or Imam of that mosque or Masjid. 

People use different ways to wish each other this day. Some take the use of digital platforms and send text messages, audio notes, images, and video statuses to convey their words to their family and friends. If you want to read about the quotes, messages, and wishes of Friday that people or Muslims use, you can read further. 

Why is Jumma Important?

If you’re a Muslim, you must know about the importance of this day. However, for others or whoever is interested in knowing about other religions (which is an Islamic religion here), then you will get to know them here. Jumma or Friday is an important day for Muslims. In simple words, the meaning of Friday (Jumma) is to assemble or gather. Read more Buy Boltz Pro Charger or Not?

There is offered a special prayer on this day known as Jumma prayer. Muslims leave their work for some time to ensure their presence in this prayer. People specially allocate their time to offer this prayer. Mosques are sacred places to offer prayers. Muslims gather in mosques to offer this prayer. 

In Islamic countries, there are mosques in every town and city. People go to their nearest possible mosque, which is how it becomes convenient for them to reach on time. The Imam of masjid teaches about the affairs and matters of religion in a Friday sermon.

The importance of this day is also mentioned and discussed in the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In Holy Quran, which is the sacred book for Muslims to follow by Allah Almighty, one whole Surah is named after this day of Jummah.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: 

“Allah created Adam on Friday. Adam entered in paradise this day. Friday was the day when he was expelled from it. The Last Hour will also take place on Friday” (Al-Tirmidhi)


This article discussed the importance of the day Friday or Jumma for Muslims. Every religion follows and wishes others their special days. There are some important things to do on this day also mentioned.

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