Why Should You Connect Pokémon Go with Samsung Health?

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Managing data is very important for its practical use. You may connect different applications to collect their data. It will ease your way of using them. Here the syncing between the two apps Pokémon Go and Samsung health, will be discussed. The connection will expedite the performance. And then you will thoroughly enjoy the apps Pokémon go Samsung health

What Do You Know about Pokémon Go?

If you heard about Pokémon earlier, then it will not be difficult for you to understand. Pokémon was an animated series that people widely viewed. Pokémon go an app that came into the market to provide its audience with enhanced entertainment by playing the game. 

In the game, the player who plays the game run to collect the Pokémon. There is a specific area of which all the Pokémon should be gathered. After catching the Pokémon of the entire region, the player has to make their levels upgrade. This process is done in the game until the Pokémon become powerful enough of their best potential. Also, it’s not possible to catch all the Pokémon. 

The Reasons for Connecting Pokémon Go with Samsung Health

Now you know about what Pokémon go does. It’s time to understand the need behind connecting Pokémon go with Samsung health. For that, you must know about the function of Samsung health. The primary role Samsung health performs is to track the activities of physical existence like sleep hours and intake of food. Samsung developed this app for people who want to keep check of their life activities. 

The advantage of connecting Samsung health with Pokémon is finding out the activities of fitness like walking by the Pokémon. It becomes easy for the player playing Pokémon to go to count the steps taken by the Pokémon. Your battery will also be saved, and you will enjoy the services of the apps together. Along with having fun playing the game, you will get more fit by tracking and walking around more. 

How to Connect Both Apps

If you want to connect the apps, make sure your adventure sync is activated. It can be done in the settings menu by checking it. To join the apps, follow the following steps.

  • What you have to do first is to go to the option of settings on your device. From there, turn the locations settings on. It will smooth the process of connecting Samsung health to your device easily. 
  • Then you have to go to the app Pokémon go. Find the button on its main menu.
  • From the menu of the Pokémon go app, there will be the option of settings. Turn the option on. Its to make sure that the app is ready to connect with Samsung health. 
  • Finally, your device will enable Samsung health to connect to Pokémon go and start doing its work of tracking the progress. 


You must have understood how you can connect the apps. The reasons were also discussed to increase the efficiency of the apps. If you think of using or integrating these apps, go ahead. There are many benefits you can get by doing this. 

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